One's attitude, concentration and intention play important factors in completing a successful audition. These skills are discussd in depth and tried out in "mock-up" scenarios in which dancers learn how to positively deal with the pressure that often builds up before, during and after an audition situation. Dancers are coached on the following points:

1. how to prepare for an audition
2. how to relax under pressure
3. how to focus
4. how to pick up movement quicker
5. how to expose one's personal strengths within someone else's material
6. how to deal with the days that follow an audition

These tips give dancers concrete tools that help them approach auditions in a positive, healthy way.

Participants also receive coaching on their performance and stage presence. Material that is generated from the choreography* , improvisation* and repertory* segments of the workshop is rehearsed and placed within the frame of an upcoming performance/presentation at the end of the workshop.

Dancers are coached on the following points:

1. eye focus
2. telling a story to your public
3. drawing the audience in
4. staying present
5. authenticity
6. enjoyment!!!!!



Jennifer Mann and Heidi Weiss founded Zen in the Basement Co. in 1997.
Throughout the company´s 12 years  of existence, they have made over 10
productions ranging from duets to group works. These evening length works
have been performed locally and internationally.
Excerpts of choreography from ZIB´s more recent works will be the focus of
the repertory class. Dynamic spacial sequences, fast rhythmic and musically
challenging phrases as well as partnering will be taught.

By studying the choreographies one can gain a better sense of the
coordination, dynamics, and flow of their style.
The coaching will relate to the repertory, giving the students a chance to
connect performance skills to these choreographies- use of focus, stamina and
use of energy. We will use some of these phrases in a mock audition setting to practise picking up quickly.
At the end of camp we aim to have some short choreographies at a performance level to be presented at our final showing.