The goal of the course is to find ones own movement vocabulary.This can be
discovered through exercises which free the mind in order for the body to
explore new possibilities. Through basic improvisational structures and games we will delve into our individual pool of muscle memory, learning to trust our instincts and follow our own movement impulses. The play between each other is an important element, as well as the work of the group as a whole.
This class provides the opportunity to strengthen the connection between the
dancers, encouraging more trust and an awareness of one another.

Contact improvisation exercises support this process. We will work on specific elements of movement, (space, time, energy) forming ideas and material into small compositions.

Showing these dances at the end of a session, we will practice giving and receiving constructive feedback.



This class aims to provide students with richer tools for creating work. We
will begin by structuring concepts for creating, looking at how to create a concept/ story.

Specific assignments such as a choreography inspired from a particular piece of music or a choreography created from a movement theme or themes, will act as building blocks in the creative process.

Basic composition tools will be introduced in terms of how to work with
space, how to make movement phrases and the vast possibilities in making
variations. Creating solos, duos as well as short group works will be the
results of these explorations.

The surrounding and binding elements of creating a work will also be touched
upon such as music, set design, costume, light and video design. We will look at and discuss how these elements can enrich a choreography, as well as hinder.

The spirit of creating- for who and why - will also be discussed as we pinpoint relevant questions of young choreographers today.
Problem solving within the creative process is another important theme. We
will explore ways of tuning into our creative resources.
The course covers a broad range, starting at the early stages of conception,
following through to the end phases of editing, cleaning and rearranging material.